Creation of the francophone daycare
London French Day Care Centre

The London French Day Care Centre was created to meet the need for more French-language services in London, Ontario. Our francophone daycare centre helps establish an early childhood education program that focuses on the child’s needs and prepares them for their next steps in the French school system.

Before we opened our daycare, we conducted a needs assessment study which revealed that many parents in the London area wanted a French education for their children. Enrollment in French language schools and French immersion schools is rising and enrollment is actually declining in some English schools so we wanted to meet these growing needs. We also discovered that more and more English-speaking parents and parents who speak neither French nor English wanted to enroll their children in the French school system.

An education in French adds value to a child’s education and we wanted to make sure this service was accessible for children attending daycare so that they could get an early start. Since our inception, we’ve used our child care centre to develop new services for both Francophones and for those who want their children to learn to speak French. We know that a French language day care centre is the best way to prepare children for the French school system, especially when parents don’t speak French at home.

This is how in the Spring of 2010, we decided to create the London French Day Care Centre. We went through all the government and legal processes, found the perfect location in London and we were ready to go! We opened our doors in Summer 2013 after endless amounts of preparation and leaps and bounds of hard work and dedication.

We believe that this day care centre will expand the Francophone child care services in the region and make it easier for parents to realize their dreams for their children.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the daycare services offered at London French Day Care Centre. Please visit our Registration page to find out if there is an available spot for your child.

The Administration Team,

Nicole Buteau et Perpétue Nitunga

1050 Kipps Lane, bureau 13, London ON N5Y 4S5

[email protected]


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