Mission & Values

LONDON FRENCH DAY CARE CENTRE INC. invites you to read its mission, vision, values and philosophy.


Our mission is to provide great quality daycare services for parents who wish to enrol their children in a French daycare centre to prepare them for the French school system or for French Immersion school.


LONDON FRENCH DAY CARE CENTRE INC. Is an organization that aims at the development and growth of children in a French-speaking environment where the child is the sole focus.



  1. Autonomy of the child
  2. Respect of others and their property
  3. Self esteem
  4. Solidarity
  5. French language and culture
  6. Respect and protection of the environment
  7. Confidentiality
  8. Diversity
  9. Inclusivity


The philosophy of the LONDON FRENCH DAY CARE CENTRE INC. is based on a teaching method that promotes the overall development of the child. We do not target a particular aspect of his/her development but we focus on all the necessary aspects of growth, including the social, affective, cognitive and physical development of the child through various activities and play. We are referring to an OPEN pedagogy, one where the child must make choices. We believe that action-oriented and hands-on educational activities allow the child to develop his/her own distinct skills.

At LONDON FRENCH DAY CARE CENTER INC. we aim to meet the needs of children by providing a safe, caring and stimulating environment for his/her development. We believe in encouraging the child to develop in accordance with his/her special talents and personal attributes and in encouraging him/her to thrive as an independent and creative person; to interact with others and to interact with his/her environment.

The basic idea of ​​our philosophy is to create an environment where children can learn and be able to express themselves in their mother tongue or acquire the French language, one of the two official languages ​​of Canada. Our daycare makes every effort to provide children with educational activities that stimulate their physical, socio-emotional and cognitive awareness while contributing to their self-development in the French language.

Our daycare offers parents a safe and fun environment for their children, and that, in the context of a healthy and effective learning atmosphere while respecting the standards for child care services in Ontario. Children attending our daycare centre will experience a daycare filled with fun, playing with friends, while being supervised by caring and experienced educators.

By providing quality day care services in French in a francophone environment, LONDON FRENCH DAY CARE CENTRE INC. is committed to maintain, enrich and promote the francophone culture in the City of London and to contribute to the overall vitality of the francophone and francophile community in the region.

Learning is based on four pedagogical principles, namely:

  • The child is a unique individual
  • The development of the child is a comprehensive and integrated process
  • The child learns through play
  • LThe child is the first agent of his/her development
The collaboration between educators and parents contributes to the harmonious development of the child. The activities offered at LONDON FRENCH DAY CARE CENTRE INC. will guide the child in discovering and exploring his/her environment while learning at his/her own pace through play. As a result, the child benefits from our learning program based on play through holding, handling, touching and explorating.

Our method is to apply a constructive and positive approach when interacting with children.

1050 Kipps Lane, bureau 13, London ON N5Y 4S5

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