We believe we have one of the best daycare centres in London with our Play and Learn emergent curriculum, our staff and our great facility. We also provide the added value of the French language for your child.

Read what the parents have to say about the London French Day Care Centre.

Testimony #1

Preschooler Graduation at the London French Day Care Centre

Thank you Maha and your staff for your lovely graduation ceremony today. It was clear that a lot of organization and care went into the event.

Please thank everyone at the day care also for their good work and attention on a daily basis for our children. Congratulations on a successful growing business, also. I will be sure to recommend your garderie to friends seeking the French language experience for their child.

Merci et felicitations!


Elizabeth Morgan, Parent

Testimony #2

Our precious Michelson is adopted from Haiti and he joined our family in September, 2013. Michelson was the first student registered at the Garderie when it opened at Christmas time 2013 and at that time, he spoke some French and some Haitian Creole. He attended the garderie part time until he started school at École Frere Andre in September 2014. He still attends the garderie occasionally and he loves it.

We were so fortunate to find such a wonderful, French daycare for our son. The staff is professional, attentive, caring and considerate. Michelson loves the daily activities, indoors and out. He has grown attached to the caregivers and it is so nice to see that they are proud of Michelson for the progress he has made over the last couple of years. He has grown and learned so much and part of that is thanks to the time he has spent at the London French Daycare.

We are so grateful for all that they have done for Michelson and we highly recommend their care to parents.

Lise Camirand


Testimony #3

Victoria's experience at London French Daycare


Victoria, Mike and myself all had such a great experience at the London French Daycare Centre that we'd like to express our gratitude and share our story.

We had plans to enter her in to the  French Immersion school program and thought she would benefit from a little head start at the London French Daycare.

We met with the  wonderful staff and they listened very closely to our concerns that Victoria was only 3 years old and really just on the forefront of learning the English language let alone begin to learn another.  They reassured us that Victoria will flourish while learning French as a second language at their centre and at the same time she'll continue to learn English at home and elsewhere.

We had a tour of their facility and found it to be bright and clean with each room full of age appropriate toys and learning material.

They were also very flexible in accommodating our unique work schedule and hours.

It didn't take us long before we were confident that we had made the best decision for Victoria.

Now, seven months later our beautiful little girl has not only grown physically but has undoubtedly flourished linguistically and intellectually. She has made many new friendships and enjoyed discovering their different cultural backgrounds. She role plays at home with her toys while speaking in French and is all the while as proud of herself as we are!

It is the end of summer and Victoria is 4 years old. She's not old enough to be enrolled in the French immersion school system but she is old enough to enter the full French school system. After discussions with the staff from the London French daycare and faculty from a couple Francophone schools we chose to go forward and ahead a step than we had originally planned and and with great confidence placed Victoria in a full French School system. Victorias' little head start has now proved to be a huge head start.

Mike, from and English and Greek speaking background and myself from an English only background couldn't be happier with Victorias' progress. Open doors await her in her future. We as a family wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for all of you at the London French daycare!

It is truly our pleasure that our lives intersected!


Mike, Kelli and Victoria Matous

Testimony #4

When my son turned 4 years old, it was a time to think about which school we would register him in. I am a francophone and my husband is an anglophone. Obviously, my first choice was to register my son in a French school to allow him to be fluent in this language dear to me. However, as he was in an English home child care and we speak English often at home, I told myself that we needed a hand in order to prepare him for French school.

That's when the London French Day Care Centre came to the rescue.

From my first visit, I was seduced by the warm welcome from the team, the cleanliness of the centre and the variety of healthy menus available. I was then convinced that it was an ideal learning environment for our son.

Initially, I was skeptical that he could learn enough French in a short time to enable him to understand what the teacher would tell him when he would start school, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out he was doing well in a few months. What a joy to hear him speak French sentences at home. I was in heaven.

Our son spent only three months at the London French Day Care Centre before the start of school. However, it was a rich three months of learning the French language, cleanness, autonomy, collaboration with other children, respect for rules and routine.

His stay in London French Day Care Centre prepared our son to start school and this is priceless.

As parents, from the birth of our children, we do everything in our power to give them everything they need to grow better. Giving them the opportunity to be bilingual is one of the greatest gifts we can give them, not only for their professional future, but also for their cognitive health. I am proud to have taken the decision to register him at the London French Day Care Centre.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the Team at the London French Day Care Centre for your dedication to educate our children in French. Thank you for taking care of our son and giving him a healthy environment so that he can flourish. Many thanks to you and best wishes.

Sonia Muhimpundu, a satisfied mother

Testimony #5

My children have shown great improvement in their French language skills.

They come home singing songs, using new expressions and encouraging me to speak in French with them.  The teachers are warm and friendly.  They create a welcoming environment and take a personalized approach to the learning and development of each child.  The staff is quick to respond to any medical needs and monitor my son for signs of illness.  I trust when I drop my kids off in the morning that they are well taken care of by the professional, caring staff.

I would recommend this day care [centre] to everyone!

Erin Williams Prado

Testimony #6

We are an English speaking family, but after only 9 months at London French Day Care Centre, my children are bilingual, their friends are from many cultures and they feel happy and secure.

Learning a second language has not slowed their development but rather has taught them patience and pride.

I am so thankful I can provide this gift to my children.

Katie Singer

Testimony #7

This day care [centre] is very helpful for us especially those who are studying or working.  The staff is very friendly and they are caring.  Our children are really appreciated.  We feel very comfortable when we leave our children there.  They are keeping that standard and cleanliness also.

Silvy Paul

Testimony #8

London French Day Care [Centre] is providing our child with a definite advantage when compared to non-French speaking centres.  After just one year, our child understands everything in French!  In addition, the facility satisfies our high standard for caring and passionate teachers, cleanliness/hygiene and a very pleasant and accommodating front desk staff.  We are pleased with our choice and recommend it to anyone looking to provide best care for their child.

Kristina Hussar

Testimony #9

Attending the London French Day Care [Centre] has been a wonderful experience.  I am English speaking and the staff have gone out of their  way to make me feel  comfortable.  My daughter is now learning to speak both French and English.  She loves attending the London French Day Care [Centre] and loves all the staff!

Brandy O’Donnell

1050 Kipps Lane, bureau 13, London ON N5Y 4S5

[email protected]


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